Bula Mehmeditsa: She Went Back Inside, encaustic on wood,
7 x 7 inches, 2005.

This image is one of a series of encaustic paintings based on the Bulgarian folk song "Bula Mehmeditsa (Mehmed's Bride)." Part of that series is currently on exhibit in Sofia, Bulgaria. Based in Boyds, Maryland, the artist primarily creates drawings and paintings. Subjects are varied and include portraits and murals.

Marguerite de Messieres,,, 301.972.8186.



Sellman Barn and Silo, Barnesville, MD, black & white print,
11.5 x 12 inches, 2005.

This photo is one of a series of about 40 barns, mainly in Montgomery County, Maryland, taken in the spring-summer of 2005. A number of the photos in this series (but not this photo) can be found on the "Barns of Montgomery County" poster and note cards produced by the Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County. Based in historic Hyattstown, Maryland, the photographer is primarily interested in architectural subjects, as well as interesting still life.

Don Burgess,, 301.831.1232, On Line Gallery
  CC, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches, 2005.

Each painting for me is an exploration of the creative process. Along with nonrepresentational paintings, I create abstract paintings inspired by sculptures of Neolithic Goddesses. I also offer workshops in Spontaneous Painting for anyone who wants to strengthen their creative powers.

Beckie Mirsch Laughlin,

by George Miller

My exwife's exhusband's exwife's ex
left her left him left her left me
thirteen dogs: Abigail, Swede, Walter,
Poor Richard, Freddie, Rodin, Sister,
Delta Queen, Alice B, Schwarz, Rollback,
Suwannee, and Light Horse Harry Lee.

The ex's ex's ex's ex lives in anguish,
the ex's ex's ex in emotional retreat,
the ex's ex with my record collection,
the ex with the ex's ex's staph infection.

Still and all, my dogs greet me at the end
of the day with brown eyes eager
for a romp in the park. I could be a happy man
if the ex's ex returned my records,
but, hey, you can't have everything.

  Pooch by George Miller, from "The Transmigration of Souls", 2005.

George Miller lives in Barnesville, Maryland where he is working on two novels ("How to Get Rid of Sludge" and "The Triumph of Beach Art") and two volumes of poetry ("The Transmigration of Souls" and "The Scent of the Ia Drang").

George Miller,, 301.972.8458,

Still Life with Blue Table, Oil on wood, 31 x 28 inches, 2005.

Bobby Donovan is a painter and printmaker.

Bobby Donovan, 301 874-2452

  False Indigo, Pastel and charcoal on paper, 44 x 30 inches, 2002.

Susan Due Pearcy lives in Barnesville, Maryland.

Susan Due Pearcy,, 301 972-7564,
The Bard
by Lee Robison

Always in search of the right word,
the one that made the Universe
that glows in the dark—
empty of night, liquored of summer and holly—
the one that old shamans won't utter
except when solstice, moon, and weather congrue—
and then only to mumble
quickly wincing from the bitchy skies—
the word maidens wear arrogantly
like a never emptying purse against their thighs
and young men carry like a banner or rifle before them;
the word that only children may speak,
only women may know,
and only black horses may trundle from the wake.
The word like the wound of Atlas
always healing, never healed—

So—he searches into each day
a wasting man who understands color
but whose eyes never find it.
  The Bard by Lee Robison, 2006.

Lee Robison lives in Poolesville, Maryland. He is working on a second book of poems.

Lee Robison,

Ninth Chord ,Oil on panel, 24 x 16 inches, 2005.

Ed Subleski is a painter from Middletown, Maryland.

Ed Subleski,


Space Man, Oiled Oak, 28 x 10 x 10 inches, 2004.

Tom Barse is a sculptor from Hyattstown, Maryland

Tom Barse,

  Turquoise By Choice, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 inches, 2006.

I like to work with the kind of random order that is found in nature, as illustrated for example, by the say twigs and leaves come to rest on the forest floor. Shown is a painting from a series called Line Paintings, works of gestural abstraction that generally involve linear fields and elements of length—lines straight, squiggley and curved, often complicated with spots, splashes and sometimes text and objects.

Mike Shaffer,, 301.831.9364
  Adrienne's Studio , Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches, 1994.

Risa Hackett is a painter from Rockville, Maryland

Risa Hackett ,